I am a copywriting, digital media and communications specialist who can help amplify your brand message through informative, engaging copy. Let me help you find the right words.


Copywriting Pricing

I have over ten years experience in digital media and content writing. My goal is to provide clear, concise copy for my clients. I hope to help you convey your ideas and transform them into powerful, poignant stories. The bottom line is that I’m here to help your business grow with the help from copy that sells and provides results.

Whether you’re running a business or looking to spruce up your bio page or clear that writing block, I’m your girl!

Please see below for the list of services I provide (*pricing subject to change).

  • Transcription – $1 a minute ($60 an hour)

  • Copywriting (websites, blogs, etc) – $100+

  • Biography/Author/Entrepreneur Bios – $125+

  • Social Media Copy and Social Media Management – $200+

  • Essay Editing/Feedback – $25/an hour

  • Product/Sales Copywriting - $10 per product; you can also choose the package deal (5 product descriptions for $30, 10 for $60, 20 for $90, etc)

  • Brainstorming and Writing Sessions – $125+

Inquiries: monicaluhar@gmail.com

  1. Free 10-15 min Consultation

  • This free consultation will help me figure out your copy needs and the structure you are looking for. I’ll briefly discuss how I’ll tackle the project in three steps before the final copy is delivered to you.

2. Draft Review

  • I’ll send you a brief Q&A or outline to help me better understand your business or individual copywriting needs. I will then send you a draft of the copy for review. I will make necessary changes, if any, after the initial draft review.

3. Final Product

  • Depending on the length and timeframe of the project, you’ll receive the final product in as little as a few hours, or 2-3 business days, crafted to your perfection.