Copywriting Services and Resume

Stressed out about writing that long biography or editing your essay? I can help!

Stressed out about writing that long biography or editing your essay? I can help!

Copywriting, Editing, Transcription.

I have over ten years experience in digital media, communications, and content writing. My goal is to provide clear, concise copy for my clients. Whether you’re running a business or looking to spruce up your bio page or clear that writing block, I’m your girl! Please see below for the list of services I provide (*pricing subject to change):

Transcription – $1 a minute ($60 for an hour)

  • Copywriting (websites, blogs, etc) – $100+

  • Biography/Author/Entrepreneur Bios – $125+

  • Social Media Copy and Social Media Management – $200+

  • Essay Editing/Feedback – $25/an hour

  • Product/Sales Copywriting - $10 per product; you can also choose the package deal (5 product descriptions for $30, 10 for $60, 20 for $90, etc)

  • Brainstorming and Writing Sessions – $125+


“I am here to help masterfully craft copy that is both informative and engaging to your core audience.” - Monica Luhar

Copywriting/Client Process

  • We discuss your copywriting needs over phone or email.

  • We agree upon a standard rate for the service you are looking for. If you’re a first-time customer, you get 10 percent off my services.

  • I send a brief Q&A for my clients to fill out so I can better understand and craft compelling copy that you are happy with.

  • Once the Q&A is returned to me, I begin my brainstorming and drafting process.

  • In 1-3 business days, I send an initial draft to you, and you review/approve.

  • Final copy is yours.


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I’m here to make your life easier. Many of my clients come to me with last-minute projects, scrambling to find a copywriter. I am happy to help and put your worries at ease with time-sensitive copy. For more information, please email me at