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“Monica is a powerhouse! She is a passionate woman and advocate who writes her buns off. Her blog, Mornings with Moni, features unique in-depth stories about women from all walks of life with an empowering message to share. Monica gives these women a platform so that they can continue to inspire positive change in the world. We will definitely be seeing a lot more of Monica in the years to come.” - Natalie Moore, Holistic Psychotherapy

“Monica is a thoughtful writer, using her talents to give women of color, a voice. Her interview with me on NBC News Asian America has helped my career as an Asian American artist and I am beyond grateful. She chooses pieces that empower women and writes them with the upmost respect it deserves. Her work is a breath of fresh air and we need more writers like her, telling our stories.” - Brenda Chi, illustrator, artist, entrepreneur

“Monica is a natural born writer with a passion for helping local businesses thrive. Her copywriting skills helped my business take off and I am forever grateful.” - Shikha Thapa, CEO and founder, Sapphire Dance and Fitness Studio